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See what other people are saying about our The Vineyards apartments! At The Vineyards, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.

Derick M
| 12/30/2019
The place is very nice. The maintenance is slow but thats expected for the size of the apartments. One employee here named Logan is the only person that helped my family.
June Mills
| 11/15/2019
I reported no hot water and within just a few hours, the problem was resolved. Maintenance man is absolutely wonderful: polite, professional and very efficient.
Allen Head
| 10/31/2019
I would like to let everyone know that my partner and I was at a loss and God brought us here. Logan in the office was such an angel and very efficient. Thank you Logan for making a bigger difference in our life with a beautiful home. You are a Star and very amazing.We have met so many awesome neighbors and feel very safe here. Jacob handles the maintenance and he is very friendly and always going above and beyond to help residents. Super team and great place to live.
sherri west
| 9/17/2019
Everything is looking up ! Nice pool. Great personnel. Very helpful!
Jo Donnatien
| 5/31/2019
Beautiful, nice, clean and quiet. If youre looking for an apartment try this place
Ashley McIntosh
| 2/28/2019
Lovely place to live!
Chris Candelas
| 7/30/2018
The rent is a little to high and people are using the amenities that dont live here. Other than that everything is good
Tremain Chisolm
| 7/30/2018
Nice place, some shady neighbors. Thats everywhere though. The gym equipment need to be fixed. Otherwise its a nice place. I feel veterans should get a rent discount though
Boyce Nicewanner
| 12/22/2016
Love living here, an amazing place all around, though wish i could use my e-cig inside not too big of a problem for me though
Cameron Poopybutt
| 2/25/2016

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